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BOOK REVIEW ~ Existence BY Abbi Glines

This review is on a book by one of my favourite Authors 'Existence' by Abbi Glines. Anything Abbi writes I LOVE, Existence I definitely loved. 
The plot for this story is great, with the perfect blend of reality mixed with creepy other worldliness.
What do you do when death stalks you? you fall in love with him of course! This is a supernatural love story, between Pagen Moore and Dank 'Death' Walker. Pagen has grown up seeing and ignoring souls, when she sees Dank she thinks he is just another soul except he talks to her when the other souls have not. She knows something is different about him, but she can't figure out what it is. Things get even more confusing for Pagan when Dank is suddenly a student at her school that everyone can see. Not only is he a student but he is lead singer of the famous band 'Cold Soul'.

They are both intrigued by each other which brings in secondary character Leif a jock who has liked Pagen for a while secretly, he 'apparently' needs her tutoring. You would think it would start a love triangle but it doesn't, its clear that Pagen only see's Leif as a friend and she WANTS Dank. Pagen only starts hanging out with Leif as Dank is one of those nice guy characters that thinks 'I love you but if I have you I will destroy you'. Its their burning raw passion that effects both of them with such intensity that Dank is forced to keep his distance to protect her.

Dank Walker is another swoon-worthy lead singer/boyfriend/supernatural creature that you cant get enough of. He is complex, breaks rules, mysterious, addictive, and passionate. Did I mention that he can speak to Pagen inside her mind without anyone hearing? Well yes he can and it causes her to look a little CRAZY sometimes during the book. Also he sings one HELLUVA lullaby.

Pagen Moore is a soul seeing teenager. She's logical, nice, hard-working, sensible, gets good grades and makes the right choices. When love and Dank came into the equation she went a little nuts ( but who wouldn't when you got a complex hottie like Dank wanting but not wanting you?!). You definitely go through the emotions with Pagen I'm not sure which was more painful to read, the scenes after their intense night at the dance, or the night of the concert...ugh talk about devastation!

The secondary characters in the book are as awesome as the mains. Gee is an unexpected breath of fresh air, funny, straight up and just down right freaking awesome!. Miranda is Pagen's rich, nice, girly and funny best friend. Wyatt Pagen's other best friend and Miranda's boyfriend have been best friends since they were kids when Pagen was a tomboy and tried to do everything that Wyatt did if not better. Leif is quarterback of the school, nice and quite. I wasn't sure to like him or not, I ended up half and half (I don't know why? maybe because I loved Dank? hmmm haha), I did feel sorry for him when it felt like Pagen was using him to not think about Dank (which never worked BTW). Hopefully Abbi will make him into the devils right hand man or something in the next installment to make me not like him.

The book isn't filled with all your typical high school drama, there is a mean girl but she wasn't the focal point and was hardly in it. It's mainly the building relationship of Pagen and Dank and she figuring out all about the wondrous what she "thinks" is a talking soul Dank Walker. Its mysterious, just when I thought I had the book figured out and I thought I knew what was going to happen I didn't and it wasn't what I expected (in a good way). Especially at the end when Pagen finally finds out what Dank is and the sacrifice that is made. When it comes to cliff-hanger's this a teasing GREAT one! You don't even know what to think or expect in the next book, that's what I loved about it.

So if you love paranormal Young adult books this if for you. It's a love story filled passion, Death himself, paranormal funny terrific characters, unexpectedness, a great plot and you just are always intrigued- a read it in one night kinda book!!

I rate it a 4 out of 5. I love Abbi Glines work and this was no exception. :)

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