Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Book Review ~ Fifty Shades Of Grey BY E.L. James

"This is a review from the very start of my blogging days"

Where to start??? Well let me just say this is not mummy porn!! I wasn't going to review this book because I didn't know if I could do it justice, but I guess Im about to find out.

So all everyone seems to relate this book to is the sex and BDSM, they don't seem to talk about the love story, the passion, the funny and caring moments, the tortured horrible past Christian has had as a kid and well just anything except the fricken SEX (its not all about the sex people get your minds out of the gutter.) 

The book is in Ana's POV, I think all readers that loved it desperately wish for it to come out in Christians POV as well to see what is inside that pretty little head of his ;-).

Anastasia Steele is a literature student she is insecure, shy, innocent, kind, thoughtful and caring, strong and can stand up for herself when she needs to (especially when its come to Christian haha). Christian Grey is a billionaire at 27, dark, mysterious, possessive, dominating (haha), basically the kind of stalker you want stalking you :p, tortured, tender and caring.

The two meet when Ana's roomie couldn't make the interview of Grey herself, so Ana had to. There is an instant undeniable connection between the two, throughout it feels so strong and despite the fact that they're coming from such different places, you can see the constant back and forth of them trying to fit together, trying to understand what the other wants, what they themselves want. They lead an honest and open relationship where both tell the other their thoughts, feelings and what problems they have to work through it as a couple which makes them all the stronger. Ana wants and need him in her life. Christian tries to stay away from her after their first encounter as he thinks his lifestyle is to much for her, but just cant seem to leave her alone (aww, not that she is complaining)

The BDSM isn't the only thing about this book like everyone says. Yes it is in the book but it doesn't define it. Ana is a virgin and knows absolutely nothing about BDSM. It wasn't porn-like or kinky for kink's sake - it was built off of who these two people are and how they connect with and need one another.The mysterious creature that is Christian Grey has her intrigued to find out what BDSM is all about and willing try it with him. He needs to dominate and control his partner, but he also needs Ana, so he is willing to compromise and not only tries to give her that "more," but ends up wanting it himself as well.

I loved the scenes when they were emailing and texting each other and the dialogue used in them. It made you feel like you were spying reading their personal messages and emails :). 
Ana puts Christian in his place many times which he isn't used to but it makes him want Ana all the more. Some of the funnier stuff in the book are in the emails and texts between the two.

The secondary characters are brilliant each with their own story. There is no evil bad person in the book which I think is great as you need the entire book to for Ana and Christians story anything else would have taken away from it. The ending isn't a cliff hanger but it ended kind of quickly and out of the blue. The good thing is the hot couples story continues in Fifty Shades Darker.

This review was to prove that Fifty Shades of Grey isn't a porn book it has an actual love story that is deep and meaningful. E.L James should be super proud of herself for writing such an emotional, sizzling, HOT and honest book.

I read it in less then 3 days would have been less if silly life didn't get in the way.
Don't believe all the bad reviews you have seen read this amazing, complicated, funny, sweet, intense, SIZZLING, uplifting and hopeful book for yourself and make your own decision. (I promise you wont be disappointed).

5 Laters Baby Hearts Out Of 5

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