Sunday, 17 August 2014


This book was very special to me as it was my first ARC I had ever received. I was not disappointed one little bit.

About a girl Lane Channing from a small town in Kansas wanting to honor her mothers last wish, to take a “big risk” and move to LA to make it in the big bad world of show biz. Only to get discouraged immediately on arrival.
About a boy Dillon MacAvoy an actor with only one dream to become a superstar so he can take care of his little brother and himself. The only problem? he needs to decide on his next big role but hates reading scripts and has ‘problems’ with his readers.
In what I think is a AMAZING “twist in fate” or should i say an unexpected friend in a cute boy named Choo brings these two totally opposite people together. Lane gets a job as Dillon’s reader. Both are not very thrilled as they have bad feelings toward one an other as of their bad first encounter. Things are a little icy between the two for a while until Dillon's superstar walls start to crumble around Lane. They get to know each other and love what they both see.
Dillon immediately is attracted to Lane (not that he will let her know that), he still continues to be the playboy he is. Lane learns to avoid the arrogant egotistical actor. A few jealous moments make Dillon see what or should i say who he really wants. <3
With all the sexual tension between the two of them it will only be a matter of time before they give in to the intense, electric and erotic angst.
While Dillon thinks everything with his 'Laney' is going great, Lane has 'other voices and opinions' in her ear and makes the ultimate sacrifice for the man she has come to love.
Do the small town girl from Kansas and the Superstar Actor live happily ever after? buy the book and find out?!?!
The book is written in both POV’s of Lane and Dillon. I think this was perfect for this story. If it was just in Lane’s POV you wouldn't know what was really going through that HOT head of Dillon’s and what was keeping him from Lane or the feelings he really has for her. Reading Dillon’s POV you get to see the change he makes from playboy to only wanting one girl.
*fangirl moment SWOON*.
The story was a light, angsty, sexual tension filled, insightful HOT read that I couldn't put down. 
I got a little impatient with how long it took the two to get together but it was OH SO WORTH THE WAIT.

My first book by Maggie Marr and definitely not the last.

Maggie Marr I must commend you on your brilliant writing, marvellous characters and insightful story-line. You had me falling in love with the “wolf pack”, wanting a brother like Choo and wanting a famous friend like Amanda to eat cheeseburgers with :-)

4 “wolfpack” hearts out of 5 

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