Saturday, 9 August 2014

Book Review ~ Music Of the Heart BY Katie Ashley

I stumbled across this book on Goodreads and i am so freaking glad I did! 'Music of the Heart' by Katie Ashley. The cover of this book caught my eye and I have to say it perfectly portrays the two main lead characters Abby Reynard and Jake Slater.

 First of Abby is Innocent, funny, adorable, sassy and raised up in missionaries by her Pastor parents and three brothers. She goes on tour to make some appearances with her brothers' band, Jacob's Ladder. A mistake lands her the bed of infamous Jake Slater (which she thought was her brothers and they were just playing a practical joke), bad boy extraordinaire and lead singer of the famous rock band, Runaway Train. Jake Slater is the lead singer of Runaway Train, has tattoos, a big ego, confidence and just a Rockstar's personality who is used to one night stands with random women, that is until Abby lands on his tour bus and turns his thoughts of his future upside down. 

Jake makes a bet with Abby that she wouldn't last a week of the bands tour bus. Of course Abby has to say yes to prove to Jake she can do it. She soon gets along and is the favourite to each one of the 3 other band members. Jake starts to get a jealous with the attention 2 of his band members AJ, Rhys are giving Abby. Brayden the other band member is married with kids and takes on the big brother role as do the others by the end of the book. It's a couple days into the bet that Jake realizes he wants more than just a fling with Abby, he wants a relationship with her. 

It's undeniable that sparks are flying between the two and their love for music brings them close together. Jake realises that Abby isn't like all the other girls as she doesn't just want him because he is Jake Slater, and that she actually wants to be there for him, protect him and love him. 

Music of the Heart is done in both Jake’s and Abby’s POV, I love when authors write in both POV’s because I love knowing what both characters are feeling. It's especially great for the part with Jakes mum (I wont reveal, I don't want to spoil it for you) as you see as side to Jake that is emotional, caring and scared. Abby is lost for words as she tries her best to be there for him even when he tries to push her away, but her promise to Jake's mum is all she thinks about when he isn't being himself and is hurting immensely. They are perfect for each other in every way and when they realize this they are the music DREAM TEAM. 

Music of the Heart is a precious, funny and heart melting moment romance novel about an innocent girl falling in love with a tattooed rocker trying to make their undeniable love last with their differences and being apart on the road.

 I loved it, the great thing is that there are books out for each of the other band mates as well YAY!!! 

Definitely recommended to those who love books about tattooed Rockstars and the girls that can tame them. 

4 Runaway Train Hearts out of 5

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