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This review is bought to you by a book with the hottest aliens you will ever meet!. 

Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. 

Okay so I had seen this book a few times pop and was like eh not really interested, DUMB! But then the one persons opinion I trust most when it comes to books (my mother-in-law the very talented author Jennifer Crowfoot) recommended it I thought I would give it ago. MAN am i so freaking glad I did, OMG I loved it!! 

It all starts when Katy Swartz and her mother move from Florida to West Virginia her senior year. Kat thought she would be surrounded by heavy accents and a bunch of hicks, that's until she met her hot eerie green-eyed tall neighbour Daemon Black. She thought things were not going to be as bad as she thought, until he opened his mouth!. He is rude, obnoxious, infuriating, arrogant and in Kat's words 'stab worthy' haha. Unbeknown to her Daemon is acting like towards for her for her own good. Kat is witty, smart, funny, a BLOGGER!, and gives Jerk-face Daemon a run for his money. She loves reading but her hobby is in the blogging (Yay I love this about her). I love that she has a hobby and isn't one of those typical girls that would just spend all summer staring at her hot neighbour like in most of the characters in books these days. 

Daemon is a Luxen alien he's hot as hell (and knows it) arrogant, witty, funny, infuriating and annoying at first I didn't know to love or hate him (ended up LOVING him). Once you get into the book you realize Daemon is they way he is towards Kat for her own protection and deep down he really is kind and caring towards her, he doesn't want her to get close to either him or his sister because of their secret but also so she doesn't have to get involved into the way they have to live and deal with the people they have to. 

Their relationship starts out as hatred for one another well more on Kat's side haha. Then it turns hot and cold. They build a playful banter between them which keeps story interesting and refreshing and it provided some hilarious and highly entertaining moments of the story. Even they seem to be always fighting they share a few intimate moments when Daemon shares the "real" him (Kat loves btw). 

Daemon tries and FAILS to keep his distance from Kat. He has to save her life a few times which makes her carry a glow where ever she goes, this brings Arum ( Luxen's shadow enemies). This forces Daemon to spend time with her to ensure she is protected at all times until the glow from his alien mojo has faded enough to not bring the Arum into their community. The time they are spending with one an other shows obvious tension between the two and how much they are attracted to each other. They both deny it but know it's there and they both feel it. When they FINALLY Kiss well get ready to fan your face because the chemistry is seriously off the charts!! They are made to be together, Kat challenges Daemon and vice-versa, they have a lot in common and are so incredibly attracted to one another you feel the sexual tension ( they would make the hottest alien babies EVER). Daemons favourite way to infuriate Kat is to call her the pet name he thought of just for her 'KITTEN'. She hates it and that's why he loves it and continues to do it,the way they bring the best out in each other hehe. 

The secondary characters play a major part in the story. Kat's mum and her are close but she has never been the same since Kat's dad died of cancer, hence the reason they move to West Virginia. She takes a job as a night-shift nurse at the hospitals around the area. This allows Kat to be home alone at night and get up to mischief with the hot aliens next-door. 
Dee, Daemons twin sister is one of my favourite characters (behind Kat and Daemon of course :-p). She's beautiful well she should be being Daemons twin and all, caring always trying to be the glue between Kat and Daemon, she just wants to have a normal life with human friends and that's exactly why Daemon is so against their friendship and just seems to be one of those happy, bubbly, funny people you want to be around. They get along so well to Daemons dismay. She and Kat become instant best friends and tries to shed light on her brothers behaviour. Its being friends with Dee that makes her start to wonder what is with the Black twins. Kat sees Dee's arm fade in and out, not knowing if its her imagination or not Kat doesn't push it. Other instances happen and she figures out that they are Aliens, all Daemon can now do is confess what they are and try to explain it all to her. It's after Kat knows that their relationship changes in a good way and FINALLY reveal their feelings.

 The entire book Is set in Kat's POV, but at the end of the book we also get a few chapters from Daemon's POV and for that I am VERY grateful. You are shown inside the head of the cocky green eyed alien and see he actually had a good reason for acting the way he did. The ending isn't a cliff-hanger but ends with some good ol' Kat and Daemon banter, what better way to finish of book 1??
 Yes this book is a series WOOOOO-FREAKING-HOOOOOO 'ten thumbs up'

Recommended to YA readers or YA paranormal readers. 

A book that is awesomely written, refreshing, has hot aliens, is funny and just brilliant definitely deserves a 
5 hearts out of 5

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