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I feel so incredibly silly because I seen this book pop up must have been like a thousand times for months. I kept getting this book as a recommendation on my Goodreads page but yet I continued to ignore it. I have no idea what the HECK to me so long to read it. It was ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AMAZING. It is a genuinely unique book and it is unlike anything I have read before, so refreshing and beautiful. 

It is a pleasure to be reviewing SLAMMED BY COLLEEN HOOVER

Layken (Lake) Cohen and her mother any young brother Kel are rocked by the death of their father. She is forced to move from Texas to Ypsilanti, Michigan for her mothers new job. Enter hot neighbour Will Cooper and his quirky younger brother Caulder. Layken and Will have a strange yet funny first encounter including zombies ;-) Their second encounter isn't that much better because of a clumsy Layken. They feel an instant intense, charging connection towards each other. Not long after they have met Will is taking Layken on a first heart-stopping date to a SLAM POETRY night, where it just so happens Will is a regular performer and judge. It's in Wills performance that Lake realizes how deep their emotional connection goes and the cruel life Will and Caulder have been given. They are giving each other a renewed sense of hope with their relationship, it is like Layken was meant for Will as they are 100% perfect together.
Shortly after their magnetically charged first date their romantic relationship comes to a SLAMMING holt!!! Their once easy and harmful daily interactions become impossibly painful as they battle with finding a balance between those feelings that attract them together and the secret that keeps them apart.

The characters in this novel are so real, refreshing, emotional and so easy to connect with.

Layken is the strongest 18-year-old lead heroine I have read about, she takes everything that life throws at her and just lives her life the best she can! She becomes her families everything, she's selfless, clumsy, unique, a hopeless romantic, smart, beautiful, funny and learns to grow up quicker then planned (which she wouldn't have it any other way)

Will *SWOOON* Cooper has learned early how cruel and harsh life can be to some people. He had to change his career path to a stable consistent one which meant he had to give up a football scholarship all for his little brother. Will wouldn't have done anything differently, he would do anything for Caulder. A horrific accident has them living a life they otherwise wouldn't necessarily be living.

Without the awesome secondary characters the book wouldn't be the same. Kel and Caulder become best-friends practically brothers, they made me laugh so many times with what they did to what they say ( I wish I had a little brother like both of them put together). Eddie Layken's new best-friend is just simply awesome. She is the perfect best-friend she listens, doesn't judge, is full of individuality, doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, funny and is so out-there. She has lived a hard life but doesn't let it influence her she just gets on and lives her life the EDDIE way. Julia, Layken and Kel's mum I think is pretty down-to-earth and will try to protect her kids from anything even if it might be traumatic secret that will devastate them to the core. She is full of wisdom that she shares and welcomes Will and Caulder into her home and family with wide open arms.

Lake and Wills relationship is my most favourite I have read about in a very long time. The connection and interactions they had caused me butterflies all the way through. In most books you say "those characters had a connection and were meant for each other" it is like that in this book but not only do the characters feel it, you do as well. That is how brilliantly, witty, poetic, inspiring and uniquely amazing Colleen Hoovers writing is in this book.

Cliff-hanger? what cliff-hanger?. The book ends perfectly and it is a smart and brilliant way to lead into the second book "POINT OF RETREAT".

I have a new-found love for SLAM poetry, I had no clue what it was at first but now? I think its amazing, thank you Colleen Hoover for adding something astonishingly unique into a book. Below is a little Slamming from the book-

“And life definitely doesn't want me
To just let it tell me
that the girl I met,
The beautiful, amazing, strong, resilient girl
That I fell so hard for
Should only come in third
Life knows.
Life is trying to tell me
That the girl I love
The girl I fell
So hard for?
There's room for her in first.
I'm putting her first.”

By Will Cooper.

 It made me cry so many times I lost count, I laughed, I yelled "WHY" a lot and if people saw me they probably would think I was crazy. Lastly and the most important I fell in love with each and everyone of the characters and the story-line.

5 Slamming hearts out of 5 for this book that will forever hold a place in my heart.

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