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No way No How I wasn't doing a review on this one. 
Im going to say that Walking Disaster was just a tiny bit better then Beautiful Disaster (big call i know but yeah i went there haha). Jamie McGuire out did her self with this one :D Walking Disaster is Beautiful Disaster but in Travis's POV, so you must read BD first! 

To start the book there is an emotionally, devastating beautiful Prologue with Travis, his dying mother, his emotional wreck father and brothers. It was heart wrenching to read as Travis so young and his brothers had to understand and go through something traumatic as saying goodbye to their sick mother and realizing they were never going to see her again. His mothers final words stuck with him and it made him who he was in the book, fighting for what he loved type of man. 
It has the same storyline as BD just with new scenes inside Travis's head (that's right you get to read what this tattooed, fighting bad boy Is thinking ;-) ). Some people don't like Abby very much and in this she doesn't attract many fans again (im not going as far as hating her, just not loving her like the other lead characters iv read). 
You see Travis's instant WILD love for Abby and how he feels, copes and reacts every time she leaves. People thinks he is an arrogant man whore, but once you read this you see how sensitive, caring, passionate and just a really good guy he is. 
Just seeing Travis's and Abby's relationship in his eyes. the way she sometimes treats him, the thought that goes into his small gestures, the reasons behind some of his actions from BD is all explained and you understand him on another level. Not only do you see things on Travis's perspective but also those characters around him like Brazil and Parker. You may feel sorry for Parker in BD but you see his true douche-bagginess in  WD. 
America's and Shepley's relationship gets a little more insight to it (he is such a hopelessly romantic kinda guy :) ). 
The Maddox Family rules this book. I love their manly bond with each other, from their father to the sons. You just feel absolutely devastated for the way they lost their mother at such a young age and how the eldest brother takes on another role to protect them and ensure his brothers grow up the way his mother wanted them to. All the sons are always there for their father, the same way the brothers are always their for each other. 
The epilogue was nothing short of spectacular, and it, alone, makes this book worth reading. So READ IT!!!!!!! 

Probably in my top 3 all time fave books. THANK YOU Jamie McGuire for writing such an amazing novel <3 READ IT READ IT READ IT 

 5 Beautiful Walking Disaster Hearts out of 5!

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