Tuesday, 2 September 2014

New Rlease. 99cent One-Click. CROWN'S CHANCE AT LOVE by MAYRA STATHAM

Check Out This New One-Click Book. Its Sounds Brilliant, Cant Wait To Get My Hands On A Copy!!

Sabrina Miller lives in darkness. Having lost the love of her life just three years ago, she is content to live her life in muted grey just so she doesn’t have to feel. As a single mother of three she immerses herself in her career and daily routine all while letting her inner light extinguish. 

One Tuesday morning, a chance encounter with Michael Crown threatens to break down all of the barriers she’s worked so hard to build around her. But who really Is Michael Crown? 
Despite his struggles with his own darkness, Michael Crown finds himself at a crossroads with Sabrina. He has a chance to completely let his guard down and let love in, but it may come at the cost of losing the only woman he’s ever really ever loved. Can he find the redemption he so desperately needs and let Sabrina Miller in? 


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