Friday, 10 October 2014


 I know I have said this on my previous two reviews but here is another one of my favourites. 
Always you is a typical girl falls in love with her best friend book but you cant help but love the characters Riley and Clay. 

Riley finally realises her feelings for her best friend only to find out he has loved her since well, FOREVER. I was thrilled when they finally got together but you have to appreciate everything that happens on the way to their boyfriend/girlfriend status. The relationship is full of passion, protectiveness, laughter, happiness, trust and most of all LOVE. 
The love Clay has for Riley is INCREDIBLE. Clay has always told Riley that she is the only girl for him but she just always thought he was messing around with her because of his 'Player' status, guess she was wrong. Riley tries to hide her feelings for Clay as she doesn't want to lose her best friend if something was to go wrong and the relationship ended. Enter a unbeknown freaking PSHYCO called Blake. 
Blake starts of all charming and your typical bad boy persona, to only snap his personality and become a total stalker. He blames everything that has happened to him on Clay. Riley only realises about Blake when its to late and he does something horrible happens to Clay. (yes I cried once again ) 
I loved how comfortable and trustworthy Riley and Clay are with one an other from the beginning you can just tell they were meant to be together!

 If you want a book with a love triangle, a drunken teenage Vegas wedding, a PSHYCO, horrific parts that teenagers shouldn't have to go through and a HAPPY ENDING then you should definitely give this book a read. 

It was addictive, sometimes predictable ( but what books aren't?) and made me cry so many times.
4 amazing bestfriend hearts out of 5

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