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BOOK REVIEW TIME!!! My book review today is from Jay Crownover and her INCREDIBLE novel RULE the first in her 'Marked Men Series'. 

I loved everything about these characters and this story-line, so sit back and enjoy this review.

RULE is about opposites attracting. 
In this case it's about pre-med student Shaw Landon falling in love with wild, tattooed and pierced tattoo artist Rule Archer. Shaw has loved Rule since the first time she saw him when Rules twin brother Remy brings her home at the age of thirteen. The Archers practically adopt Shaw and she becomes one of the family, everyone loves her except Rule. All her life Shaw is trying to please someone but Rule is not one of them. Her head tells her to forget about Rule Archer but her heart has other plans.
 To Rule Shaw is his brothers stuck-up princess who lives by everyone else's rules where as he lives by his own even if it does distance him from his parents. With Remy gone its just another reason for Rule to stay away from Shaw, he loved his twin and doesn't want to disrespect him even when he is gone. On Shaw's birthday all she wants to do is have fun and answer to no one, the night she decided to wear a short skirt and drink to many cocktails her secrets are spilled to the last person she would ever think to tell, Rule. They spend an unbelievable night together in the morning Shaw does the only think she thinks Rule would want she leaves, just like all the other many girls she has seen leave Rule's room. Rule didn't expect things with Shaw would ever EVER go that far but they have and now he can't stop thinking about her and what it means. 
The book is basically about Rule and Shaw trying to figure it out how they the two opposites are supposed to be together with out destroying their love and themselves. 
Shaw is a Pre-med student. She is forever trying to please her overbearing never there for her parents, a girl who is innocent, not shy, sweet, loves hard and is an awesome friend. Shaw drastically changes for the better and its all because of Rule, she gives up trying to please her parents who don't show their love and never listen or believe their daughter. She fights for her and Rule, she knows they can make it because they are meant for each other. Rule Archer is a woman magnet, knows it and uses it. 
He is independent, tattooed, pierced, loyal to his brothers, has crazy hair and has impenetrable walls built all around him. It takes one drunken night with the princess Shaw to make them all come crumbling down. He has to deal with the pressure of being as good as he's dead twin from his parents, that's why he is such a badass rebel. He has a bond like no other with his older brother Rome. Rome is a soldier and when he comes home because of an injury Rule couldn't be happier, Rome helps Rule and their parents (mainly their grieving mother) try to bury the hatchet. 
Together Shaw and Rule both have demons of their past and current life to deal with. Shaw is struggling to break free from the control her parents have over her life which in turn forces her to be someone who she is not.  She is also trying to deal with a CRAZY-ASS ex-boyfriend who is unable to see that their brief relationship has ended.  Shaw wants to simply be herself.  Everyone she has loved and tried to please has thrown it all back in her face, Rule included. 
Rule is too scared to let anyone in and is basically always getting drunk and sleeping around to get through life so that he can continually feel numb rather than deal with the grief over losing his twin brother and a mother who blames him for the accident.
Their relationship is hard at first but they work through their demons together and prove to themselves and everyone else that they can be their true selves and be in a loving, passionate, sizzling relationship. 

This is a type of book you get sucked into, you get invested in both the heroines and only want the very best for them. I couldn't put this book down I only wish I had read it slower to make it last longer :(. 
Jay Crownover did an AMAZING job in grabbing a hold of me and not only keeping me captivated with Rule and Shaw but with all the other amazing secondary characters you created.  

I loved every word every line every paragraph and every page!!!!! 
If you love a hot tattooed badass for a guy heroine and a sweet, beautiful never takes any of his crap for the girl heroine this is your type of book. 

I can not write in words how much I ABSOLUTELY loved and adored this book. 

5 tatted hearts out of 5 

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