Tuesday, 6 January 2015

QUOTETASTIC TUESDAY COMEBACK!!! My fave quotes from TIJAN'S Fallen Crest High...

Quotetastic Tuesday is making a COMEBACK!! 

Back when my blog was on WordPress i did a Q.T every Tuesday, so now with a new year ahead of us and my blog still building bigger then ever i thought why not share my favorite quotes with y'all again???? 

Starting today and every Tuesday to come you all will get a weekly dose of awesome QUOTE'S

Our first Q.T of 2015 will be sharing my favorite quotes from 

His hand slid back up to my shoulder. He gave me a pat. "Threesome fearsome. No one stands a chance."
I grinned at him. "What about Nate?"
He tapped his beer with mine. "When he's around, it's the foursome fearsome. You can add any 'some to that name. Thank goodness, huh?" Then he groaned. "I really need to get laid tonight." 


 Logan reached out and caught my shoulders when I started to leave. He pulled me back against his chest and enfolded his arms over my chest. "Ah, our little sister, trying to be all nice and saintly."
Mason snorted and opened the door. "Saints don't set cars on fire."
We all piled out behind him and Logan chuckled. "There's that, yeah." 

 "It seems like it's my night with Becky tonight, she's down in the dumps because of Adam."
"The quarterback who wants to bang you?"
I shook my head. He knew exactly who Adam was. "Yes, she likes him."
He grimaced. "She could have better taste in men."
"You want her to go after you instead?"
His eyes got wide. "You should encourage those two to date." 


 Put something on,"she hissed."I'm not some high school cheerleader you can intimidate or make me squirm by showing your penis. I've seen it before.I was the one who changed your diapers."


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