Friday, 20 March 2015

****COVER REVEAL TIME**** Crossroads BY Jennifer Crowfoot

This reveal is very special to me as it is my mother-in-laws newest masterpiece. She is an amazing writer and has spent many hours of blood, sweat and tears (not literally i hope hehe) perfecting this brilliant story. I have read a few pages and let me tell you YA'LL ARE IN FOR A TREAT!!!!!

Without further ado i give to you 

Two Men
One Woman
Two Devastatingly Wrong Choices
All Cassandra Green has wanted since high school was to marry Christopher, the man of her dreams, have his babies and live happily ever after.
But after one terrible night showed Cass the depths of depravity that her new husband had sunk too, and the dark side he'd hidden from her, those dreams were obliterated in an explosion of cruel betrayal, tears and heartache.
For Jeremy, the man who has loved her all of his life and has been unable to get over her, a fateful incident gives him the second chance at happiness that he's been craving.
But is he able to get out of a situation of his own making to claim his one shot at true happiness?

Jennifer Crowfoot is the Indie Author of seven books all published through Smashwords:

She has two short stories, Matilda and Death and the Call Girl and two series, Tainted Magic Book#1 and Lust, Lies and Promises Book#2 and The Devil Of Oz Book#1 and Sins of Oz Book#2 and her latest work, Pleasure and Pain.

When not eyebrow deep in the fantasy worlds in her imagination, or busy writing what happens there, Jennifer can be found flitting about the internet on one of her assorted virtual pages.


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