Wednesday, 27 May 2015

BOOK REVIEW** Getting Dirty BY Mia Storm

 I bought this book because of its cover, as soon as i seen it i was like WOWZERS!!!! Then reading the synopsis it was a no brainer I one-clicked the heck out of that baby... The book I'm speaking of? GETTING DIRTY by MIA STORM

This brilliant story is about Blaire Leon a 17 year old senior high school student taking upper level poetry classes at college and Caiden Brenner a 25 year old graduate assistant in Blaire's class. You get the picture?? ;)

Blaire isn't like the other senior girls in her school. She is valedictorian of her class, loves to perform slam poetry at a local club and acts like a women in her early twenties. Her parents have time consuming jobs and are practically non existent. Marcus her older brother and herself take care of each other and have practically raised each other, hence the reason she has the maturity of a 23 year old.

Caiden has his sights set on finishing his graduate assisting position and his degree then becoming a professor. A job that could more then provide for him and his younger brother. Thinking Blaire is a senior in his class he tries to keep his distance as of the whole student and teacher relationship no no (little did he know Blaire's real age that she has kept hidden). 

Focusing on her studies and using her brothers best friend Blaire attempts to stay away from Caiden as she knows her age will be a problem for him. Caiden himself tries to keep his distance. She obviously cant stay away and either can he so their flirting turns into steamy things which leads to bad things. (read it yourself to find out each of those somethings, i ain't gonna spoil it for ya'll). 

What i find refreshing about both characters is that they know they had chemistry and flirt but don't go home and pine over each other. Blaire has weird secret relationship with his brothers best friend and Ciaden has a girl that he occasionally likes to 'see' also.

 It was an angsty, daring, fast paced, smooth read with welcoming twists and turns. I NEVER got bored in fact it was the first thing i read when i got up and the last thing i read when i went to bed. 
The book might be considered taboo because of the younger girl older man story-line, don't let that deter you. Its an exceptional story that i promise you'll love. 
I know its not even close to the end of 2015 but I'm just putting it out there that Getting Dirty is my favourite book of the year! 
Mia Storm you have magical writing brilliance to create such a masterpiece. Thankyou for one of my now fave books of all time.

One sentence to sum up Getting Dirty?? A HOT forbidden love story that will have you begging for more!

5 forbidden all-consuming hearts out of 5

A soul mate is someone who has locks that fit our keys,and keys to fit our locks

"I have so many locks,Caiden,"she says,her voice hitching on my name."But you fit them all"

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