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A seductive affair is twisted by secrets in the latest Salon Games novel from the author of Over Exposed.
To the outside world, Dane Connelly is the playboy heir of a media mogul, his life a series of one-night stands with no commitments. Only in the Salon does he satisfy his darker urges with willing partners. Life was perfect…until his best friend fell in love. Now Dane knows exactly what he’s been missing—and exactly who he wants.
Talia Driscoll enjoys creating perfection. She loves bright, glittery parties and fairy tale weddings. But she knows the illusion is short-lived. Nothing lasts forever and everyone lies to get what they want. After all, she lies about her true identity every day.
After an explosive night at the Salon, Dane is determined to sway the reluctant Talia to be his completely.  But the secrets that keep them apart are at odds with the erotic passion that draws them together…

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Praise for the Salon Games novels:
“Ms. Julian gives the readers what they want and so much more.”—Fallen Angel Reviews
“An emotionally charged journey filled with lust, betrayal and secrets.”—RT Book Reviews
“Stephanie Julian know[s] how to write seriously hot, melt your e-reader sex scenes.”—Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

“Sensation is such a personal thing.” He tugged on her hand as he headed in the opposite direction, toward a shadowed corner of the room where a couple of chairs sat on either side of a long, low coffee table.
At first glance, the table and chairs didn’t seem to match the rest of the furniture in the room. Their legs appeared thicker, sturdier. The design brought to mind a Victorian parlor, but she knew they’d been specially made for this room.
The chairs had cushioned seat pads but were higher than normal. And the seat itself curved in at the front. The longer she stared at the chair, the more intrigued she became. And the more detail she noticed. Like the three metal rings on the outside of the legs, at varying intervals.
Her body heated as she considered uses for those rings. Then her gaze switched to the table, where she saw those same rings on the legs.
“Jared had these pieces commissioned on my designs. Not as elegant as other pieces, but the company who produced them are craftsmen. They took the raw designs I gave them and created something beautiful.”
His hand settled against her back again, making her breath catch in her throat. He did nothing but let it lie there, though her body reacted as if he’d caressed her.
“The same company made the larger piece in the corner.”
She automatically turned to see what he was referring to, following the direction in which he pointed.
She knew as soon as she saw it what it could be used for. The images that came to mind made her wet.
Holy hell. She wanted him to strip her right now and screw her. On the floor, on the table, on the chair. On that padded, black-leather horse.
She wasn’t as much of a prude as her friends obviously thought she was. She read voraciously and had acquired a taste for erotica along with the thrillers and mysteries she devoured on a regular basis.
She loved the freedom the women in those stories enjoyed and had often wished she could be just as adventurous, but she’d never met a man who made her want to give up that much control.
Until she’d met Dane.
“Which do you prefer?” She glanced up at Dane and found him watching her with blistering intensity. “The horse or the chairs?”
For a second, she thought he might insult her intelligence and ask if she knew what the pieces were used for. When he didn’t, she wanted to reward him. And she would. Maybe right there on that chair.
“I don’t have a favorite. Each has its own reward. I think it depends on what you’re in the mood for.”
“And what are you in the mood for?”
He lifted a brow at her. “Why do I have to choose only one?” A pause. “So here’s how it’s going to go. You’re going to strip and sit on that chair.”
She tried to control her reaction but couldn’t, because she felt as if every bone in her body had gone liquid.
How did he know exactly the right thing to say to make her want to do exactly what he said?
Was it the tone of his voice? The look in his eyes? The memory of his mouth on her body and how she felt when he sucked on her nipples?
“Then I’m going to tie your legs to those rings with silk ropes so you can’t close them.”
The beat of her heart throbbed in her ears, drowning out everything but the sound of his voice and the heaviness of her breathing.
“And then I’m going to kneel between your legs and lick you until you scream. And don’t worry about the noise. The entire room is soundproofed.”

Stephanie Julian Bio
Stephanie Julian writes sophisticated, sultry romance for the adventurous reader. She’s a reformed reporter with a BA in English and a perpetually messy house (and no real desire to do anything about that).
She’s happily married to a Springsteen fanatic and is the mother of two sons who introduced her to the joys of Slipknot, Warped Tour and never-ending headaches.



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