Monday, 17 August 2015

Its Monday, What Are You Reading??. *my monday book inside*

On this very lazy Monday i am just about to finish a really great book i started on Saturday. It was such a funny quick-paced book i wish i had read it a little slower :(

A Matter Of Trust BY Q.T. RUBY
She’s stuck in a rut, stuck in life and stuck in an elevator with Hollywood’s hottest actor. And of course she’s just come from the gym.

Claire Parelli just can’t seem to catch a break, well, except for heartbreak, that is. After a lifetime of following the rules, she winds up heartbroken, unfulfilled, and hiding from life. But she can’t hide for long.

After getting stuck aboard a broken elevator with Hollywood It-Boy, Daniel Chase, they begin a secret romance that pries Claire out of her element, out of her shell, and out of her sweatpants. But when their romance accidentally goes public, Claire’s life implodes, leaving her to choose to hunker down in the safety of her sweatpants, or risk her fragile heart on a chance at life, love, and the pursuit of better clothing.

I loved the story-line and the way Q.T. Ruby portrayed each character. The humor reminded me a lot of Wallbanger and The Unidentified Redhead by Alice Clayton which is awesome because i LOVE those to books.

I definitely recommend reading this beauty.

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