Tuesday, 3 November 2015


I know, i know iv been a little slack with my posts lately. Iv had some family stuff to work through and just haven't had my head in the blogging game. I didnt read for about 3 weeks which is really strange for me. Iv gotten back into the swing of things and should be back even better then before (hopefully).

So today is Tuesday so what else is there to do but share some quotes from the book that got my reading mojo back:

Lies Unspoken BY Lisa DeJong

"Love isn’t defined by what you deserve. It’s about finding that one person you know you can’t live without and never letting them go.-Pierce" 

"You're the type of woman that men don't know they want until they've already fallen. You're there, and then you're just...everywhere." 

I loved this book. So much so i finished it in 3 days it got my reading mojo back and i have just finished the second book Love Unspoken. 

Happy Quotetastic Tuesday <3.

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