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So im hoping ya'll have read my book reviews on Cut & Battlescars by the amazing Kathleen Maree?? If you have you are going to love this interview!! 
If you have not yet read the reviews click HERE and HERE.

 What does your writing process look like?
Finding time, turning on my computer and just writing! I really just need a good 30 minutes to get my head into my characters and off I go!
  Do you have any strange writing habits or rituals? 
Well I am not sure whether I would say they are strange, but I do like it to be quite dark where I write. I also tend to go back a few chapters and read what I have written, but mainly just to get myself back to where I was mentally.

 Just as your books inspire authors, what authors inspire your writing?
To be honest, all authors inspire my writing. I actually make a habit of reading a different author every time I choose a book to read, as I find it interesting how different authors convey their stories through different styles, and techniques. So I find all of them inspiring :)

 Were you always a writer? Have you always loved to write?
I have always loved to write. I was that girl that started little books with my friends, that I would write to them in, give it to them at school - then they would write me a few pages back. Some of which I still have today :) But I used to write short stories when I was young, and always thought I would end up in journalism. So I have always been drawn to the written word for a very long time.

If you didn't like writing books, what would you be doing for a living?
You mean, besides being a 9 to 5er, mum to two boys and a hockey wife? ;) I guess I would just have more spare time :) 

What are your working on now? What is your next project? (if you can tell us ;)
I am currently working on Bleeding Love - the third and final installment in the Cut series. This novel will finish Penelopes journey, and then I have a few other standalone that will follow.

Do you read your reviews good or bad? Do you respond?
I do. Good and bad... I actually wrote a message to author Cora Carmack and asked her about this, because when reviews first started coming in for Cut - I was literally obsessed with reading them. The first negative is really hard to take, but you know what, everyone loves different things and relates to all kinds of stories. So, whilst I may not respond, I honestly appreciate the feedback and for the negative ones, I just accept that it just wasn't for them - which is ok :)

If you could cast characters in the Hollywood adaptation of your series Cut who would you choose as your characters?
Well for those who know me, I have an image of Jared Leto for Jay :) 
For Penelope, there is a Swedish model called Frida Gustavsson  who I picture for that character.
And finally Evan, Supernatural actor Jared Padelecki.

If you had a superpower what would it be?
To never need sleep! I would get so much more done! :)

  Where is one place you want to visit but haven't been before?
I actually would love to go to the Cook Islands. It looks absolutely beautiful. I also can't wait to visit Canada :)
 If you were an animal in a zoo, what animal would you be?
Im not sure I would choose to be this animal, but my favorite animal is the polar bear. I just find them to be such a contradiction. They are so large and instinctually aggressive in their habitat, but are quite majestic and graceful when you watch them. 

 If a character from any book EVER written could come to life, who would it be and why?
Jay Ryker ;) Or maybe Jamie Fraser from the Outlander series.

Your book boyfriend crush at the moment?
My main one for a while has been Mason Kade, from the Fallen Crest series. But I recently read Black by Aussie author T.L Smith, and am a little obsessed with Liam :)

Last and probably most important...
What is your current book you are reading?
I literally just finished reading Black last night which I really enjoyed, but have the biggest TBR list ever!  In between writing I plan to get through as many as possible. If you have any recommendations you would like me to read, head on over to my website and recommend me some books. I have a segment on my blog where I discuss books I have recently read, and always love your feedback and comments.

  Thank you so much for your time Kathleen :)
Thanks so much for asking me to do this Kieralee! Its been fun! x

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