Monday, 25 January 2016


I once again am so grateful to have Kathleen email me all those weeks ago, not only did i get to review Cut but she also sent me Battlescars. 
Did i mention i love blogging and all you amazing authors? :)

Battlescars is the second novel in the Cut Trilogy by Kathleen Maree. 
Cut ends with one helluva cliffhanger and Battlescars picks up from where we left of adding even more questions unanswered but still getting the closure from book one that you need!

Penelope and Jay's relationship remains to be super complicated, the only thing they do know for certain is they need one an another in their lives. Jay is more forward about it where as Penny knows she wants to be with Jay but her insecurities from Evan still linger in her mind. 
We get great more insight into that beautiful head of Jay Ryker and each of the main characters, as the POV changes between Penny, Jay and Evan. You would think it will get a little confusing but it doesn't, Kathleen has it flowing from each perspective to the next perfectly.  Being inside Evans head you can tell how much he loves Penny, how deeply sorry and regretful he is of his night with Rosalie. He would do anything to get her back. Even still, i couldn't forgive him #TEAMJAY

Alot of the characters grow in Battlescars compared to Cut but none more then Penny. Despite the heartache and betrayal she has been through she still finds her strength and begins to trust again.

We hear a lot more from a few of the secondary characters in Jay's Rockstar LA life. We find out that they are not all douchebags like a certain sister (who has her reasons) but also a band member who we shall not name :z. Draz the awesome, funny other member of The Cray is like a brother to Jay. In Battlescars in Jay's POV you find out why they are close and what they have been through together. One of the funnier scenes in the book is between Penny and Draz, i actually giggled a few times with the awkward banter between the two.

This story was more darker, mysterious, sexual tension and drama filled then CUT and i absolutely LOVED every second of it.
 Kathleen please tell me the third book isn't to far of because i need my Penny and Jay fix STAT!!!

4 Battle-scarred Hearts out of 5

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