Friday, 1 January 2016

HELLO 2016!!!!! IM BACK....

Hello and welcome 2016!!
Hi y'all and welcome to another year of An Aussie Girls WILD Book Addiction! Just checking in and to let you all know i am still here and im BACK. I haven't been posting as much over the Christmas and New Year break (spending time with family and taking a break) but i am back and ready to blog my little heart out :)
I have a few new ideas for some pretty kool posts as well as all my everyday posts. I will be trying to get back to my beginner blogging days and post a helluva lot more review posts. Im pretty excited to see where my lil ol' blog will take me this new amazing year.

So i spent my New Years Day with family down at Lemon Tree Passage by the water and it was gorgeous :) here are some snaps from the day. 

That's it for my first post of 2016!

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