Monday, 25 April 2016

Where did i go? See some happy snaps of what iv been up to!

So you have probably noticed that i haven't posted in a few days. Iv been visiting some family of mine in the gorgeous Brisbane. I have had a massive 4 days that started with the 9 hour drive up,Sunnybank markets in the city, an entire day at MovieWorld on the Gold Coast, a girls day spent shopping until our feet couldn't carry us any longer then another 9 hour drive home today. So im just a little tired, pretty sure im sleeping in tomorrow and not moving of the lounge....
Thought id share some happy snaps to share with you :)

These gorgeous trees were everywhere on the trip up.

Our first stop was Maccas and i just had to have a hot choccie

I swear these are the best creation that ever existed! Potato twister with chicken salt.
 The pretty Sunnybank

Just posing behind this waterfall :P

MovieWorld is AMAZING!

  WILD WILD WEST ride that completely drenched me :/

Selfie with the Joker

The Green Lantern Roller Coaster i went on, was freaking insane!

The main entrance of the Park

Tehehe this little guy

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