Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Traveling Book WITH An Aussie Girls WILD Book Addiction!

I think i might have stole the most amazing idea ever!. I got this idea from a group Im apart of on Facebook called 'MacPack' Fandom, its a group dedicated to all things Jamie McGuire. She herself posts giveaways, book information and just about anything in there. 
Here is the link if your a Jamie fan and want to join ~
Okay back to my fabulous stolen plan, I want to start a traveling book with you my lovely blog followers. How it works is we pick a book from my very own bookshelf, i read it first and sign it, then i send it to the next person no matter where you are in the world, you read and sign it and post it, then the next person does the same and so on and so forth. So when we complete it i get it back and we have a book read and signed by hopefully a lot of people, and we all have a good time doing it. 
You must send it on ( you don't want no bad karma if you keep it).
Also if you guys would like to do a traveling book with one of your own we could have a couple books traveling around the world. ( ahhh this sounds like so much fun). 

So if you are interested the you can email me at with your name and country or simply comment on this post with your name and country. Ill make a list with the names, post it on here so you know when your turn is and then we can have fun deciding which book we are going to read!


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