Saturday, 6 August 2016

How Many Books Have You Read This Year???? Check out this post to see how many i have read and what they were!....

So i probably should have done this post back in June (half way through the year) but in my defense i only thought of it now, well actually the other day when i was deep in thought drinking my tea. I was thinking about what an awesome reading roll i was on finishing eight books (almost nine in about two and a half weeks. So i went to check on my reading challenge on Goodreads to see how close i was to my goal. That's where this post and you guys come in. I thought it would be an awesome idea to see how you guys are going with your reading challenge or just see how many and what books you have read. I was going to list all the books i have read but didn't really want to type them all out so i took the lazy way and snapshot all the books from my Goodreads app to share with you all.

This is my goal. 
I set myself to read 63 books in 2016.
 Im at 43% with having read 27 books.

Here are all my reads from 2016 so far :)

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