Sunday, 14 August 2016

My First Ever Book Review! Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

First EVER Book Review.
 From 16th September 2013
Okay so I had a lot of books to pick for my first but I couldn't go past one of my faves Beautiful Disaster!
I bought the book about 6 months ago and it just sat in my bookshelf for a while, then one night I was just glancing over my books and it called to me so I decided to read it. I read it in 2 days once I started I couldn't stop even if I wanted to I couldn't I was so addicted and utterly captivated I LOVED IT!
I loved the way their relationship blossomed but I hate how long it took Abby to give into him, he is Travis Maddox after all. You cant help but love and hate and love and hate Travis throughout the book but then end up loving him. The same is for Abby most of the time you want to scream at her and say "what are you thinking give into him?, forgive him".
The passion they had for each other was undeniable even though Abby tried to hide it she couldn't, that was one of the things I liked about her. I must admit I really disliked Abby when she left Travis after the bet was finished without so much as a goodbye and the way she crushed him. (yes I cried)
All in all this book has everything: a girl meets boy, girl doesn't like boy, boy becomes irresistible to girl, a lot of lust on both sides is formed, girl tries to fight her feelings off with another guy, a love triangle is formed, guy gets jealous, girl finally realizes her love for the guy, spontaneous wedding and a happily ever after! What more could you want in a book??

Iv rated this book a 5 out 5 I just ABSOLUTELY got addicted from the beginning to the end.
 Present day me 14th August 2016. Okay i was a bit nervous at first, but i think that was actually pretty great for a first review from a first time blogger! I am so glad that i chose Beautiful Disaster as my first review, its only fitting being its my most favorite book of all time! Hope you guys love it, i had so much nostalgia from this review.

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