Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Quotetastic Tuesday! Every Girl Does It By Rachel Van Dyken..

So, i haven't posted a Quoteastic Tuesday post in forever, but i read this amazingly funny book that i had to share. You know when you read a really good humorous book and it just sticks with you, then every other funny book you read you compare to this one? Well i read a book like that and just had to share the amazing quotes that had me laughing.
Every Girls Does It By Rachel Van Dyken is my read of the week!!

"The man has a mouth on him, let me tell you. His kiss could get a girl pregnant." 

 "Guys should not be allowed to be prettier than girls; it just isn’t right, or fair." 

 "Ladies, let this be a lesson. People always say you need to be nice to nerds, because you might end up working for them some day. The same goes for nerdy guys who ask you out. You should be nice to them, because one day they might be smoking hot." 

When I get started, there's no alarm that goes off in my head that says, “hey, Amanda, maybe that's an over-share.

 "do you want me to be offering?" His lower lip brushes mine. "Kind of digging the sexy pet names. Does that mean I can call you Foot Stomper? Because, I find that type of aggression really hot."

Guys im having Amanda and Preston withdrawals just reading these. If you havent read it yet, ITS A MUST! :) 

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