Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Book Review ~ Beautiful Oblivion BY Jamie McGuire

Jamie McGuire I would love to be inside your head for a day! How the hell you came up with the sexy, smart-mouthed, lovable, irresistible, funny and tattooed MADDOX brothers I will NEVER KNOW but I and I'm sure the rest of the world THANKYOU for it :-)
Everyone loves Travis and he can never be replaced but I must say Trenton is edging his way in there and giving Travis a run for his money!
Beautiful Oblivion starts a little before Beautiful Disaster and runs a parallel story in terms of  the story's timeline.
Cami Camlin is fiercely independent 22 year-old who moved out of her family home young to escape her crazy drunken father. Holding a job down since before she could drive Cami has her own apartment with best-friend Raegan, they have been living together since the end of their Freshman year at Uni. Now tending bar at The Red Door Cami has no time for anything besides work and classes. Cami's boyfriend T.J lives in California with a secret job that never leaves anytime for her. After a trip to California  to see T.J is cancelled Cami has her first weekend off in a year. It's the weekend that will change who is in Cami's life.
Trenton brother of Travis Maddox used to be King of Eastern State Uni. Dating a different girl every night ever since he was in high-school. His friends wanted to be like him and every girl thought they were lucky enough to tame him. After a life changing accident Trenton moves in with his dad to try to deal with his guilt. He gets a job at the local tattoo shop to help his dad pay the bills. Just when he thinks all is going normal in his life once again he sees Cami alone at a table at The Red Door.
Cami thinks she can keep her 'friendship' with Trenton platonic and keep her distance, only problem with that? Trenton wont take no for answer and we all know WHEN A MADDOX BOY FALLS IN LOVE, HE LOVES FOREVER. <3
Cami Camlin is a loyal, levelheaded, tough chick that isn't afraid to speak her mind and put people in their places including Travis and Trenton. She is the baby sister of four older, rough, loudmouthed brothers. She would do anything for her brothers especially get a second job to help one out with a money situation.
Cami has known the Maddox family since they were all kids and she used to watch Trenton eat glue (even though he ill deny it) haha. Going to school with the boys she has seen what they are like and has kept her distance and believing that they didn't know she existed. Trenton has secretly loved Cami since they were kids at school together when she used to wear her hair in pigtail's all the time.
Trenton Maddox is a sweet, thoughtful, soft, charming, caring, mature, family loving tatted up man. People think he is this fighting, scary, crazy man with tattoos, boy are they ALL WRONG! Cami over time of their friendship sees that Trenton isn't at all what she and many other thought he was.
As their 'friendship' progresses its obvious to everyone but Cami how Trenton feels about her. He makes her his number one priority, spends all his free time making her happy and just being there for her when T.J isn't. It takes a trip to see T.J to make Cami realize she feels the same about Trenton and she has to have him in her life.
The two have crazy off the charts fiery chemistry. They are comfortable enough around each other to play around, pass on insults, have playful funny banter and know the exact right thing to say when one an other are down. When Cami has family problems Trenton's there, when Trenton is feeling down or doesn't know how to help Travis Cami is there.
A few of our faves from Beautiful Disaster make an appearance throughout the book like Travis, Abby, Sheply, America and Brazil. I loved that there are a few scenes from BD that we get to relive and see in at least 3 different POV's Cami's, Trenton's and Travis's.
Jamie McGuire's writing is so addictive its insane. Her characters are never boring, always unique and different right down to their name, you always cry, laugh and scream WHY, WTF and OMG.
THE ENDING OMFG THE ENDING!!!!!!!! Is all im saying. . . . :-P
A story with one Maddox boy = spectacular but a story with 2 Maddox boys = Amazeballs!
If the rest of the Brothers are half as brilliant as Travis and Trenton LOOKOUT WORLD THE MADDOX's are going to steal your heart and not give it back.

5 hearts out of 5

forever and always kieralee

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