Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Book Review ~ Take A Chance BY Abbi Glines

This book i had been anxiously awaiting to read ever since Grant met Harlow at Rush and Blaire’s wedding.

Harlow Manning the daughter of rock-god Kiro Manning. The rock-star daddy decided whilst he’s on tour Harlow will go and live with his other daughter Harlow’s half-sister Nan (Rush’ sister). To say they don’t get along would be putting it mildly, Nan is a down right SPOILT B*TCH!!(not a big fan obviously haha). All Harlow wants to do is keep her head down preferably in a book (love her) and stay out of Nan’s way for the 9 months. Seems easy right? WRONG.

Enter Grant Carter Rush’s brother and Nan’s play-toy. Grant has had a ‘thing’ with Nan for a while, but he finally realizes he never had the feelings for her they way he thought he did and that she was nothing more than a huge mistake. Nothing makes him regret Nan more then meeting and wanting beautiful, innocent and shy Harlow. One problem? Harlow wants nothing to do with a guy that has been with the venom queen. His number one mission is to redeem himself in Harlow’s eyes, win over the girl he could love and have a forever with.

Harlow Manning is an amazing character. She may be a shy gorgeous bookworm that keeps to herself but the one thing she isn’t is a pushover. She call Nan out on her crap and stands up for herself (YAY TEAM HARLOW). She loves to read, exercise to keep busy and out of the house of the ice queen, but most of all the unconditional love she has for her father she always stands beside no matter what and her big brother Mase.

Grant Carter sexy as hell and knows it. Confident and has the gift of the gab when it comes to charming the women or for apologizing when Harlow is concerned. At first i thought he didn’t deserve Harlow, then he redeems himself in my eyes. How could you not forgive him with the SWOON WORTHY lines that come out of his perfect mouth?.

Together Harlow and Grant are the fairy-tale couple. The sexy confident prince brings the shy gorgeous princess out of her quite girl shell and that same shy princess makes the sexy prince feel things he would never need or want: LOVE, JEALOUSY and his CAVE MAN PROTECTIVENESS.

The ending of the story has some dramatic nail-biting revelations. They all help end the book but was a great way for the beginning of book two to pick up Harlow and Grants story, WOOHOO for book two. :-)

We see some of our faves all throughout the story like Rush, Blaire, little Nate, Woods and Bethy. It was awesome that they were included, they served their purpose and didn’t take away from the main characters of this story.

Abbi Glines you are an addictivley awesome amazing author. I LOVE you for telling Harlow and Grants Story, it has to be one of my faves of the Rosemary Beach series right behind Rush and Blaire’s. 

5 out 5 hearts for my new second fave series from Abbi Glines Books
Forever and Always Kieralee xoxo

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