Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Book Review ~ Wallbanger BY Alice Clayton

This has to be one of the most well written funniest books EVER!!! I love that a book can be witty, romantic and FUNNY all at the same time and it's not too much. 
Alice Clayton you are a genius.

Caroline moves into a new apartment not knowing on her first night that she would be gaining such intimate knowledge about her new neighbor's nightly adventures. Thanks to her paper-thin walls and the guys athletic artistry she can hear not just the wall-banging but the rapturous response of what seems like an endless parade of women. Since Caroline is on a self-imposed dating suspension and her neighbor is clearly lethally attractive to women she finds her fantasies keep her awake even longer than the wallbangers noise making. When the wall-banging threatens to literally bounce her out of bed, in all her pink baby doll nightie and sexual frustration glory she confronts Simon Parker the wall-banger himself.

Their relationship develops over time. The Cock-blocker (Caroline) and The wall-banger (Simon) call a truce. From the truce comes their friendship. Their friendship turns into 'NOOKING'. Nooking leads to a relationship :) 
<3 Two halves to a whole, when they are finally together they are perfect for each other. They have the same sense of humor and the same love for travel.

Simon Parker aka Wallbanger. Is a sexy, confident, cocky, charming freelance photographer. At first you think he is just another man-whore, but over time you realize how much depth his character actually has and the reason behind his 'harem' haha. He has quickly made it to the top of my book-boyfriends list, i mean how could he not with his unhealthy obsession with baked goods??? the man loves his zucchini bread and apple pie YUMM :-D

Caroline is a sweet, funny, strong-headed, feisty brilliant Interior Designer. She is a welcomed refreshingly amazing female heroine. I love her relationship with Clive and the way she talks about her missing O. Alice Clayton done an exceptional job with Caroline's character.

Nothing in this book i would change because everything is PERFECT!!!.
My favourite points about this book?
1. Clive the best addition you could add to a book, a crazy kitty with a mind of his own.
2. The flirtatious bantering texts between Caroline and Simon.
3. The sizzling chemistry between pink night girl and wall-banger.
4. The witty, hilarious banter throughout the entire book.
5. The 'WOOING'

This book is flirtatious, steamy, hilarious, fun, light-hearted, romantic, sweet and down right SWOOOON-TASTIC!!!!! It made me grin like a Cheshire cat, laugh until i cried and fall in love with everything about it from the first. . . BANG BANG BANG.....OH GOD.

5 wall-banging hearts out of 5 from Pink Nighty Girl and Mr Wallbanger's no.1 FAN

Forever and Always Kieralee xoxo

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