Thursday, 31 July 2014

Book Review ~ In The Lyrics BY Nacole Stayton

I’m going to start by saying HOT DAYUM this book was AMAZING and i think i may have a new found appreciation for Country Music Singers.

Meet Hensley Bradley a small town country girl with dreams of using her voice as a one way ticket out of the town that has started to consume her life. Trying very hard not to take the same path as her mother by not letting a man hold her in the town Hensley was doing great right up until she meets sexy (REAL-LIFE COWBOY) Colby Grant.

Colby wants away from his family farm and alcoholic father to chase his dream of becoming a Country Music Singer. He wants to prove to his father that he aint’ no wannabe singer but most of all he wants to do it for his little brother.

Fate has Colby becoming the new room mate to Hensley’s best-friend Dusty. Hensley tries her hardest to ignore and be a stand offish bitch to him so she wont find herself being attracted to the heart of gold the cowboy has. I said she tries and she does but Colby is hard to resist with his good-looks, charming southern accent, great voice and his kind heart.

Both are offered record deal contracts but only one takes it. The one that does finds out that is inst all its cracked up to be. Missing their old, life but sticking with the opportunity given and plastering the biggest fake smile they can is becoming a life one of them can not stand anymore.
Is there a HEA in the country music world or will the one that becomes a star miss out on their opportunity for a happy life with family and love of their life? Please read to find out, i promise it is 100% worth the read.

Hensley and Colby are new raw characters that i loved reading about. They are both strong in their own individual way but together they are dynamite I ADORED THEM. Connecting in their music, their love for horses and special needs kids.

The story was a fast-paced, an explosive love story with country singing and hotheaded cowboys. Newly different and refreshing to the MAX, i have never read a story the same or similar to this which is brilliant.

The epilogue was a perfect way to end the story. No cliff-hangers but also leaves it open for HOPEFULLY FINGERS & TOES CROSSED a second book.

Nacole Stayton i loved your writing in this, your imagination and creativity are astounding. That was my first book of yours but i promise it will not be my last. PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS A BOOK 2???

Highest rating deserved for this book

A book to add to the top of you to-read list NOW..

5 hearts out of 5
Forever and Always Kieralee xoxo

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