Thursday, 31 July 2014

Book Review ~ Thoughtless BY S.C. Stephens

Yes i am probably going to sound like a broken record but this book is also added to one of my all time favorites list. Thoughtless by S C Stephens, it starts of a little slow for the first chapter and half of the second but then Kellan Kyle enters and everything starts to begin :). 

The main character Kiera (finally someone spells their name like mine :D) and her aussie boyfriend Denny move to Washington Seattle for his work and move in with one of Denny's old mates Kellan a local rock star. Kiera has a safe relationship with Denny, the only adult relationship she has ever known. Her love for him is obvious but on the other hand you also realise when she does that she loves him but is not IN love with him. I just wish it didn't take her most of the book to figure it out and not string both the guys along!! I seriously felt like screaming at her most of the time. 

When Denny has to go away for work Kiera and Kellan's friendship blossom's. He and Keira just have this instant connection but are respectful of the fact that she is in a relationship. As Denny didn't consult Kiera in his decision to travel for work she is left broken and lonely. Kellan ends up comforting her and their denied passion and chemistry is granted room to emerge, there is SO much romantic tension in this book between the two its enough to drive you insane (but totally in a good way!) You can just tell when they are together its just so easy between them and they are crazy about one an other. I felt sorry for Denny in the middle and the end of the book, but once you read the other two novels to this trilogy you will see it was the best for him. 

Kellan is one of those characters that is shy but confident, swoon worthy but doesn't play on it, thoughtful, emotional, respectful, caring and funny, so you cant help but fall in love with him and see why Kiera couldn't resist him. 

Kiera is a hard working, self conscious (until Kellan convinces her otherwise), a determined college student, independent when need be and emotional. You dislike her for some of the book but when you read book 2 you understand her more and her decisions. 

I wasn't sure if i would like this book considering the theme is cheating, but once you realize that Kiera and Denny were not meant for each other and Kellan and Kiera are perfect for each other in every way possible you realize he is her HEA. 

I laughed, I cried (again), I loved and I Screamed (in my head haha). It was a heart gripping and emotional book, highly recommended. 

Once you get into the story you get so involved you cant put the book down. 

5 DBAG hearts out of 5

Forever and Always kieralee

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