Thursday, 7 August 2014


I just LOVE when I get emails from authors asking me to read and review their books UMM HELL YES I WILL :-)
This email was great because it was from Aussie author Leesa Bow. I love supporting other Aussies so I never hesitated saying yes to read WINNING THE PLAYER. This book was a riveting read that I devoured in 2 days (would have been less but silly work got in the way haha).

Winning The Player is about Aubree Taylor. When a knee injury destroys her dreams of playing college basketball she runs overseas to try to forget it all. After two years she returns home ready to move on with her life, that is until she runs into Hunter Stone. He is the only man who ever meant anything to her, only problem with that? he is the last person she wants to see on her first night out back in town.

Aubree ran out on him literally those 2 years ago, then she was gone and he never seen her again until her first night out at a club. Hunter hasn't been able to get Aubree of his mind. Being a sexy football (AFL not soccer, GO NRL sorry Leesa haha) star he has had any woman he wants and many women all over him, but they are not Aubree.

Aubree tries but fails to keep her distance from him. She is unable to resist the static connection they still have, so it wasn't long before they get involved in a sizzling passionate relationship. Being one to not shy away from a challenge she is finding it hard to ignore Hunter's arrogance and distrust that are pushing her to her limits. It's up to Aubree if she wants to follow her heart and let her walls down around Hunter or risk the best thing in her life.

Aubree Taylor is a tough, determined, independent natural beauty. She wasn't self-absorbed, did what was best for her and didn't need a man to make her feel loved or needed. Aubree was a real, refreshing, relate-able and inspirational heroine.

Hunter Stone until you read on through the book you think is an arrogant, self-absorbed cave-man player. BUT until you read more he turns into a sexy, caring, selfless, thoughtful, charming man who would do anything for his mum *sigh*.

Together Aubree and Hunter just make sense. They both bring out a side in each other that they both need. She brings out the selfless caring side in Hunter that makes him only want to love her and give her the world. He makes Aubree break her walls down, makes her not want to run anymore and face her shattered dream head on. They still have that same scorching connection from years ago that either can deny. <3

Leesa did a spectacular job with every character, each bringing out a different emotion in you. The secondary characters are Aubree's supportive amazing mum, her crazy full-on but always on her side best-friend and Hunter's cousin Maddy, Hunter's brother Connor (who causes some unintentional drama for the two), B.J an old basketball friend who always has her back and Aubree's Grandma with her wise words of wisdom.

It was a FANTABULOUS book filled with determined, strong and individual characters. Sexual angst, passion, steamy scenes and loving moments is just a taste of what you will read.

Give me a book with an Aussie footy player any day of the week!! Leesa Bow you are a fantastic, amazing and brilliant Author.

Thankyou for emailing me and asking me to read this excellent book, it was definitely my pleasure :-)


5 football hearts out of 5


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