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*Author Interview* KATIE DELAHANTY genius behind "The Brightside Series"

I have been so extremely lucky and grateful that i have been able to interview some of my favorite authors :-) 
Today's interview is no different. 
This talented lady is the author of IN BLOOM the first book in the BRIGHTSIDE series and upcoming 2nd book BLUSHING, she is none other then KATIE DELAHANTY.
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Without further a-due my interview with the gorgeous Katie Delahanty
1.What made you become a writer?
The recent economic crisis. I never knew I was a writer--I'd always been a reader--but I'd never considered telling my own stories until the dress line I designed for went under and, after being absorbed into a larger company, I was asked to start designing lingerie. With little experience in lingerie, I wasn't exactly excelling in my job so it was suggested I try something else completely, like start the company e-commerce website.(
In an effort to drive traffic to the site I started a blog, but still having limited lingerie knowledge, I decided it would be easier to write fiction. The blog began as a fictional serial about a girl named Olivia Bloom who was planning her wedding, but as I started writing, I realized I didn't know anything about her groom so I backed up and began telling their story. I posted two chapters a week and live tweeted as the characters for nine months and in the end I'd fallen in love with storytelling and written the first draft of IN BLOOM which would become my first novel.
2. How do you get your inspiration for the story-lines/characters in your book In Bloom? (especially for rock star Berkeley and our gorgeous Olivia?).
For IN BLOOM inspiration I relied heavily on my personal experiences in the design world and also in the Los Angeles music scene. My husband was in a band called The Remainers (they allowed me to use their lyrics for Berkeley & the Brightside--their EP Formal Fridays (image attached) is available on iTunes: it features much of the music from the book) and we also had spent the years post college with a backstage view as some of our friends' bands went on to become world famous, while some had moderate success, and others, despite tremendous talent, couldn't keep it together and broke up. Being along for the ride gave me some insight into what it takes to "make it" in the music industry and also occasionally thrust me into a world of celebrity where, being pretty shy, I would hide in corners at parties and wonder "what am I doing here!?!?"
3. What genre do you prefer to write about?
 When I was writing IN BLOOM I had never heard of "New Adult" so I didn't intentionally write into that category, but for the moment I think that is what I am most comfortable writing. Of course who knows (besides Psychic Mom) what future stories will unfold...I'm open to anything!
4.Give us some insight into one of your favorite characters and why are they your favorite? From IN BLOOM? I love all of them...I've spent so much time with them they are real to me...they're my friends. I can't choose! (But I'll always have a soft spot for Liv & Berk & Mark & Parker &...) 
 5. What are you working on at the moment and when is due to be released?  
I just turned in the first draft of Brightside book #2 yesterday and it should be out sometime this fall. I don't have an exact release date yet. 
6. What actors/actresses are in your dream cast for your book In Bloom?
I never had a clear vision of who should play Liv and Berk--I prefer to leave that up to the reader--but I can imagine:
Andrew Rannells as Parker, Amber Heard as Christina Carlton, Lily Collins as Gemma, and Ian Harding as Mark to name a few...
7. Is there a lot of research involved for your characters, story plots and locations in your books?
I do a fair amount of research in trying to understand where characters are coming from--in this case I watched tons of interviews with different lead singers--and definitely prefer to visit locations I'm writing about (very much feeling a trip to New York is in order for book 2!).
8.Which authors inspire you?
All authors inspire me. Writing a book is such a huge undertaking and requires such dedication and love--I'm in awe of everyone who embarks on that journey and sees it through to the end; allows their unique voice to be read. (which can be terrifying!)
9. Who is your favourite author and your most loved book of theirs?  
I love L.M. Montgomery and always was heartened that ANNE OF GREEN GABLES started as a serial...I will always have a soft spot for ANNE OF THE ISLAND.
10. What do you think of Book Trailers?
I think they're great if they're well done. I'm a big fan of trans-media storytelling and I think there are some really fun things that can be done with book trailers that propel a story forward and generate interest in a book across platforms.
11. Do you love designing you book covers? What is your favorite part?
I like designing book covers though I'm happy for input from the publisher (who designed the cover for IN BLOOM)--I trust their experience!
12. How do you come up with the book Titles?
So far they naturally evolve from the story...I usually have a few working titles and then there is a clear standout in the end.
13.. Do you have any advice for writers who are just starting out?
Keep writing and don't give up, no matter what. It's easy to get discouraged, but if you keep working at it, magical things will happen. Believe!

Okay enough of the hard stuff here are some fun questions

 14.. Your favorite TV show?
 Whatever I'm binge watching at the moment (which hasn't been much because I've been on a deadline)
15. All time favorite movie?  
I can't choose... Dirty Dancing, My Fair Lady, Clueless, Shawshank Redemption, White Christmas, Steel Magnolias, Love Actually...
16. Who is your book boyfriend Crush ?
 Berkeley Dalton!
17. What do you love to do when your not writing?  
Cook, eat, hike, yoga, read, garden, travel.
18. Have you ever been to Australia?  
No! But I'm overdue for a trip. My best friend from high school lives in Sydney and has been begging me to visit!
19. Do you have any pets?  
Two cats: Kobe and Tyson, One dog: Batman
21. If you could say anything to your readers right now what would you say? 
You are all magic! I'm so grateful for you and humbled by you (and still in awe that you are out there.) Namaste. :)

 The lovely lady herself

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