Friday, 13 February 2015


You know those books about a Rock-star and the plain-Jane? Well this is the BEST REFRESHING AMAZING one of those EVER!.
Olivia Bloom wants to be a costume designer. She piles everything she has into her old Volkswagen and heads to L.A. Becoming a Lingerie designer is not what she thought she would end up becoming but takes the opportunity and runs with it. Not only has she landed an unexpected job but also inherited some full-on, Hollywood insider glamorous neighbours.
Enter the glitz, glam, a rock-star and his band. Berkeley Dalton is the lead singer of Berkeley and The Brightside. Their first encounter was probably the realest, awkward and funniest conversation Berkeley has had in a long time. A few encounters and Berkeley likes what he sees in Olivia. The tabloids, paparazzi and an ex-girlfriend become a huge obstacle in their relationship.
Olivia is leading every girls dream 'the blink and you will miss it' kind. The rock-star has found the girl who wants him for him and not the 'i want you cause your famous' girl.
Olivia Bloom is clumsy, honest, beautiful, creative and easy to relate to. Like a lot of girls Olivia thinks she needs re-inventing. She lets her neighbours give her the Hollywood makeover and changes her personality to more brave, out-there, bold and just not her old safe self. She realises that there is nothing wrong with her old self and learns to embrace it but with a few new adds from the Olivia 2.0.
Berkeley Dalton is a rock-star, sexy, sweet, kind, not a man-whore (praise the lord!!), the boy next door with his own insecurities. Wants more to life then the hectic plastic world he lives in. His family treats him like a non-famous family would treat their son, which is so refreshing and new. Olivia is breath of fresh air in his life. He is instantly drawn to her honest and real personality. Olivia sees past the rock-star to see his is just a sweet caring normal guy.
They were both so ├╝ber cute and unsure of themselves with the way they came across liking each other. It was like high-school crushing all over again I LOVED IT <3
The neighbours Parker and Blair were full on and glamorous but you cant help but love them. Olivia's cookoo mum ends up being not so cookoo, AHH i loved her parts in this book and what she knew about Berkeley was OMG brilliant Katie Delahanty :-).
Whilst it took a little bit to actually get into it, it's totally worth it. The story-line was so Real, genuine, emotional and full of sexual angst. It was just great to read a book with a rock-star that isn't you typical man-whore, rude and arrogant douche-bag. But one that can still be kind, sexy, sweet and full off swagger.
I don't follow twitter at all but i loved the little parts of it in the beginning of each chapter. I kept finding myself eager to turn the last page of the chapter just so i could see what in the next tweets. :-D
Katie Delahanty your writing and realness in this book was spectacular. There is nothing better than reading a book with characters that are so relate-able, funny and just brilliant. 10 out of 10 for that.

4 Brightside hearts out of 5

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