Monday, 23 March 2015


ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

When is was emailed and asked to review MANWHORE by Katy Evans i jumped at the chance because i love everything this amazing woman writes! I have had a dry-spell lately with those books that just grab you and you can't want to put down. Let me tell you Manwhore blew that drys-pell out of the water, i was hooked on just the synopsis and then addicted to Rachel and Malcolm's story.

MANWHORE = Everyone's newest addiction! 
MOVE OVER Christian Grey there's a new favorite book boyfriend in town! 

Rachel Livingston a young 23 year old reporter lands her first big story, her subject? The man with his gorgeous face plastered on all the gossip maps, social media sites, newspapers and the news, Malcom Kyle Preston Logan Saint! A billionaire womanizing playboy business man. To the world and Rachel that's exactly what they think he is, that is until Rachel see's for herself that the world is completely wrong.
 Rachel is sent to go undercover and research Saint for an expose' that will reveal all about the green-eyed sexy billionaire, the article is supposed to save her beloved magazine 'Edge'. After a few interrupted interviews and some time they end up spending with one an other she starts to realize she is becoming addicted to the enigma that is Sin! Rachel doesn't want to feel like she does as she believes he will never return the same feelings, he is a manwhore after-all right?? When she figures out that Saint is pursing her she tries and fails to create space between them for her expose' and her feelings sake. She never in a million years thought that Malcolm wanted a girlfriend and that it would be her! After a few steamy nights together they both feel it, before she can actually be anything to him it all comes CRASHING down!

Rachel Livingston is a career driven and strong heroine. She may be young but she certainly knows how to hold her own, has her head screwed on right and goes after anything to make her live out her dream of buying her mother a house and taking care of her.
Malcolm Saint the mysterious bright green eyed dark haired business man that has lived out a dreadful past with an a-hole of a father if you could even call him that, isn't just another playboy billionaire. He has a back story and the depth to this character i LOVED! 
How Katy built Rachel and Saints relationship and chemistry was sensual brilliance. They weren't together straight away, Rachel made Saint work for it which made their relationship and the story telling all the better.

I loved the secondary characters that are Rachel and Malcolm's best friends. Whilst Rachel's were her voice of reason Malcolm's were there for the funny moments they also bought out Saints protective side and the all important DIBS ;)

In the end love is found, feelings hurt, a backstabbing co-worker and a cliffhanger that almost had me swearing. MY NEW FAVORITE from Katy Evans sorry Brooke and Remy. Even writing this i keep thinking about the book and how it ended, thinking up ways how i think it will start in the next book because YES this is not a standalone novel!!!

**raising my hand to review Manwhore +1 pretty please **

4 and a half SIN hearts out of 5 


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