Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Crossroads BY Jennifer Crowfoot!!! Teasers & Excerpt inside :)

Two Men
One Woman
Two Devastatingly Wrong Choices
All Cassandra Green has wanted since high school was to marry Christopher, the man of her dreams, have his babies and live happily ever after.
But after one terrible night showed Cass the depths of depravity that her new husband had sunk too, and the dark side he'd hidden from her, those dreams were obliterated in an explosion of cruel betrayal, tears and heartache.
For Jeremy, the man who has loved her all of his life and has been unable to get over her, a fateful incident gives him the second chance at happiness that he's been craving.
But is he able to get out of a situation of his own making to claim his one shot at true happiness?



***For mature audiences only:18+ Contains frequent strong profanity, violence, drug use and sex scenes. Certain aspects of this story may be upsetting, or offensive to some readers. Contains scenes of cheating, domestic/verbal abuse. Story contains Aussie slang/idioms.*** 

A collection of shiny gold bangles around her wrist tinkled pleasantly as she clasped her hands in front of herself drawing my eyes to the area of her body they were hiding, or highlighting — 'yeah her crotch, I’m a man, I’m gonna look, so fuckin’ sue me.'

“Jeremy, um…I’m up here,” she said on a laugh.

Swallowing noisily, I dragged my eyes away from the ‘promised land’ and looked up, my mouth watering as I caught a whiff of her arousal. 'Fuck yeah, she’s just as hot for me as I am for her.'

Seemingly reading my thoughts, or more than likely just the undiluted lust on my face, I watched as a wicked glint sparkled in her dilated eyes and a tiny smile curved up her blood-red lips.

I gulped, my fingers tightening on the bottle as every cell in my body screamed for a taste of her. Taking a quick breath in, I exhaled and put my game face on as I stood and extended my hand. “Hey there.” Yeah real smooth dude. “Um yeah in the flesh. And you’re?”

'Best fucking opening line ever Jeremy,' I thought.

Her skin felt like silk and groaning I sucked my lip ring into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue as I circled my thumb over the back of her hand. Her eyes glazed over as they dropped to my mouth and then down to our joined hands. I watched her reaction to me, my head buzzing and my heart pounding as her lips parted revealing her shiny wet tongue — 'which to my cock’s joy' — darted out, wetting her bottom lip.

'Faaaaark!' I shifted my weight from foot to foot, my dick throbbing like a bastard, it felt like it had its own heartbeat.

Behind me a chair squeaked. “It’s been lovely chatting with you Jeremy —”

'Shit, I’d completely forgotten about Trudy being here, an unwilling witness to the sizzling primal sexual dance that this chick and me had just engaged ourselves in.'

“— but I really must go and check on the…ah… food. You know, make sure that Sam’s not incinerating our dinner or anything like that? Plus, even more importantly, I’m hanging for a fresh drink.” She stood. “You pair have fun. But just not right 'here' okay? Find a secluded trysting…” 'Trysting? The fuck?' “…area away from prying eyes if you feel the need to scratch an itch or two,” she offered in a low voice before walking off, her gait a little wobbly.

And in that second my respect for Trudy shot up a thousandfold on my ‘respect-meter.’ She was one fuck of a cool older chick in my books.

Married with four children, and eleven grandchildren, Jennifer lives with her husband and bad-tempered Maltese terrier Beau, an assortment of chooks, finches and a French speaking Quarrion (or Cockatiel) in the beautiful Hunter Valley in rural N.S.W, Australia.
Before devoting herself to full-time writing, Jennifer worked in a variety of jobs over the years, from making burgers in a café, to working behind the counter in a small general store, to cleaning in a boutique B&B.

But she counts her greatest accomplishment as raising her children and watching them grow into responsible adults with children of their own.

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