Sunday, 23 August 2015

** 30 Day Get To Know Me Blog Challenge** Day 8

DAY 8 Question eight: Write about something that makes you smile.

 What makes me smile? Id have to say reading! I haven't always been an avid book lover, i really don't know what i did when i didn't read. 
Opening a new book and getting lost in the characters worlds that the authors create is just about the best in the world. You know a books really amazing when you lose track of time, no housework gets done, you stay up all night promising your self one more chapter then finish the book and when you do finish you have the biggest book hangover and cant stop thinking about the story.
Smiling, crying, laughing, yelling or screaming at a book is what reading is all about and i don't think ill ever stop!!

 Ahh just writing this I'm so excited to start a new book, how coincidental that i finished one today and can start a NEW FRESH STORY TONIGHT :)

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