Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Okay before i get into this review i want to say a humongous THANKYOU to Kathleen for emailing me and asking for me to read and review Cut. After i received the email i jumped onto Goodread's (as you do) and checked out the synopsis and other people's reviews. It was then i couldn't say no i was hooked and had to start reading immediately,

This was Kathleen's debut novel, let me tell you you wouldn't even know. You seriously would think this was her 100th book.

The story is about Penelope Price and her shattered heart. After her partner of 10 years Evan admits to infidelity Penny leave immediately and spends the next three moths in a 'living coma' in the spare room of her best-friend Rosalie's terrace home. After months of being confined to her bed Penelope finally agrees to going out to a trendy Sydney nightclub with Rosalie.
This where i couldn't put the book down, when American Jay Ryker lead singer of The Cray is introduced.
Penny and Jay meet in the club. Jay feels the need to save this innocent, sad, shy beautiful girl from an annoyingly awkward situation. Penny finds Jay instantly dangerous, mysterious and cold, but can not help feel drawn to him and his exquisite blue eyes that see's right into her soul. Jay is drawn to the refreshing fact that Penny had no clue who he is and how different and mysteriously closed of she is to all the other girls he is used to.

Penny is definitely not ready for a relationship but our gorgeous rocker is very subtlety relentless and she is unable to deny him. Spending a few hours together over the few days that Jay is in Australia they try to get to know each other at a very slow pace. A few fast exits from Penny, a trip to LA and Evan returning into the picture to win her back and come clean giving her the answers she has wanted, will she forgive him? What about Jay? Who is the person who betrays her the most? Im not going to spoil it for you, so you'll have to read and discover what happens yourselves :)

It was about halfway through chapter two i started to get really into Cut, once i did i didn't want to leave. On my breaks at work, before bed, even during the ad breaks when i was watching TV.
The characters are so likable and realistic. You feel connected to them and feel part of the book. I was even starting to feel sorry for Evan, WTF?? TEAM JAY all the way!!
The story flows amazingly. There was no jumping from major event to the next, you went on the journey with the characters and lived their days with them, read their every thought and felt the emotions they did.
Im still at this minute wanting to get inside Jay's head and find out about his past that made him the way he is now. What he thinks about when he gets closed of behind those dark aviators.

Being Kathleen's first book is absolutely amazing! You are such a majorly talented superb author. I feel so privileged to have you email lil ol' me. I would be honored to have you contact me for further reviews any time :)

4 Amazing Hearts Out Of 5

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