Monday, 11 January 2016

ITS MONDAY, WHAT ARE YOU READING? Find out what im reading HERE!

So yes it is Monday again way to quick! The only thing that got me through my work day was reading my book on my breaks, let me tell you my breaks couldnt come around quick enough haha.
This book im reading i received from an Australian Indie Author so i could review. The review should be posted tomorrow night as im not quiet finished yet but im pretty sure it will be tonight.
CUT by Kathleen Maree is what i am talking about. I love a good rockstar and plain jane book <3(hence why i couldnt put it down)!!!

 Penelope Price is a young woman who is utterly scarred and broken. She has been Cut. Residing with her best friend Rosalie since the sudden demise of her long term relationship, she finds herself severed from the world she once lived for. After months of Rosie suffering through failed attempts of trying to drag Penny back into some form of reality, finally, it happens.

A nightclub in Sydney leads to a strange encounter with Jay, a musician who at first meeting seems dangerous, but for unknown reasons there is an unconscious draw. When her inner turmoil dramatically ruins the night, it appears she may be worse off than where she started.

Will her wound ever heal?

Uninvited interest from the mysterious stranger messes further with Penny's emotional state, resulting in more confusion than comfort. He seems to be hiding behind his own secretive walls and she isn't sure she can trust him. The sudden return of her ex, Evan, who is persistent to fill in the reasons for their demise, exposes the shocking truth. Ultimately sending her into the lowest point of her existence.

Does she find her definitive end in the dramatic final scene of her story?

Has she been Cut?

Do yourselves a favor and go get your own copy!!! I promise you'll love it 

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