Saturday, 9 April 2016

Book Review ~ Bleeding Love by Kathleen Mare'e & SWAG PACK GIVEAWAY!!!!

To say i was impatiently excited for this book was understatement. Since finishing Battlescars book two, i counted down the days until i could rejoin Penny and Jay's story. I was not disappointed, Bleeding Love book three and the final in the Cut series by Kathleen Mare'e i believe was the best one by far!

We pick up with the love triangle cliffhanger from Battlescars. Penny realises by the end of the book that she can love both men but she knows that Jay owns her heart and Evan will always have a place in it. Jay and Penny's relationship is tested in Bleeding Love with the return of Tahlia Jay's Ex and her secret motives. All the craziness of the book starts when Jay heads back to the U.S for The Cray's month long tour of the country. A few of Penny's relationship insecurities start to return with a few incidences which Jay hides from her ( he has his reasons i promise <3 ).

I think Penny is finally more independent and stronger in herself as a character and i loved it. Remembering how much she relied on others and her low self esteem in the first book to what she is now is AMAZING. Going through all that emotional and physical pain has made her a whole new Penny, one who can stick up for herself, learn to trust and just have fun again without all the worries. Kathleen done a fantastic job building Penny up from what she was. 
All the characters like Jay, Evan and Giselle all grew as characters. Jay with his relationship with Amy his sister, Evan and realising that Penny has given her heart to someone else and all he can do is be her friend and be there for her. Giselle believing in herself with her working career and pushing herself. Also Penny and Jake form some type of awkward brotherly friendship (i secretly think he likes her :)).
 Lets just say Bleeding Scars has it all jealousy, lies, deceit, betrayal, backstabbing, insecurities and just good old DRAMA!!! 
It will have you laughing, crying, salivating for more sexy rocker JAY RYKER and  longing for the series to continue. You will though get the closure you'll need to end the series because the ending is perfection.
Kathleen Mare'e you yourself has blossomed as a writer since Cut. Your writing is just so stunning. You have a fan for life right here! Thank you for emailing me all those months ago asking me to review your new series, I'm so incredibly grateful i could be apart of this journey of yours.
Last thing ill say is #TEAMJAY

5 Incredible Heart out of 5

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